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Superfeet Custom Insoles Now Available

The Superfeet Fitpod has arrived! This means we're now able to offer even greater levels of comfort and support to your new and existing footwear by allowing us to make a footbed uniquely customised for you. We acheive this by heating and molding the insole around your neutrally positioned foot, the whole process takes around 20 minutes (roughly the time it'll take you to drink a cup of tea!), when we're done you can walk out with them in your footwear. Apart from making you walk more efficiently and stand taller, they help your recovery from a variety of injuries and pronation related problems.

Call in or get in contact to see how Superfeet can help your recovery from plantar fasciitis, shin splints etc or maybe you just want your boots to feel more comfy, we believe we can help.

All Superfeet insoles come with a 60 day comfort guarantee.


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