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The Proof is in the Bottle

Be prepared for life in the Outdoors

If the clocks have gone forward and Easter has been and gone, then summer can't be far away, and at Campcraft summer means camping! We can't wait to experience the freedom that you get when the only thing between you and Mother Nature is a well cared for tent and sleeping bag.

Get your camping kit ready for a summer of Adventures

Get your camping kit ready for a summer of Adventures1. Give your tent and rucksack some loving! Set up your tent to air it out and give it a good clean with Nikwax Tech Wash®. Tents and rucksacks need special care to help protect them against sun damage in the fairer monsths. Nikwax Tent and Gear SolarProof® not only adds water repellency, but also doubles the useable life of your gear as it protects against the sun's damaging rays. Now available in a concentrated formula!

2. Clean your summer sleeping bag! Did you remember to clean your sleeping bag before you put it away last autumn? If not, think of all the dirt, sweat, and body oils that were left in there all winter (ewwww!). Clean your sleeping bag with either Nikwax Tech Wash® (synthetic fill bags), or Down Wash (down-filled bags) to remove any residual grime and to get your sleeping bag nice and fluffy again after its long winter's nap. If you want to add some water repellency to your sleeping bag (and as it can increase loft and breathability who wouldn't?), use Polar Proof® for synthetic fill bags, and Down Proof for down-filled bags.

All of these items are available instore, plus cleaner and reproofers for all types of kit.

Call in and see us, we use these products ourself and can advise exactly what you need.